Data, Layout, Design

"WHO EMRO EMR NMAT Roll Out Report"



Between 2019 and 2021, the WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) embarked on an assessment of their National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs). Utilizing the newly developed NITAG Maturity Assessment Tool (NMAT), the project aimed to evaluate and enhance the institutional effectiveness of NITAGs across 22 countries.



The World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Region (WHO EMRO) required a design for their NMAT Roll Out Report. The objective was to encapsulate the extensive research and findings into a visually compelling and easily navigable document. The design needed to reflect both professionalism of the subject while making complex data accessible and engaging to a culturally diverse audience.


Design Process

The design process was centered around clarity and readability. The use of a clean, structured layout facilitated the seamless flow of information. Careful attention was paid to the color palette and typography to maintain the WHO's brand integrity and ensure consistency across the report.

Key Elements

Data Visualization: make complex information easily digestible.

Layout Design: guide the reader through various sections of the report, logical and coherent narrative flow.

Visual Consistency: reinforce the WHO brand and reader engagement.


The final design of the WHO EMRO NMAT Roll Out Report balanced the need for professionalism with the accessibility of information. The report's design ensured that the critical findings and strategic improvement plans were effectively communicated, supporting the WHO's mission in enhancing immunization policies and healthcare standards in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.


The report's design played a key role in disseminating the NMAT findings, aiding policymakers, health professionals, and stakeholders in understanding and implementing the recommended improvements. The visually appealing and well-structured design contributed significantly to the report's overall impact and reach.