Augustus Rivers Brightman


Multi-disciplinary creative dedicated to the language before words, bridging the silent conversation between message and audience.





January 2021 - Present
Vermont, United States

  • Create brand strategies and designs for impactful, purpose-driven organizations.
  • Provide web design and hosting solutions, focusing on user-centric design.
  • Prioritize design to be simple, suitable, and memorable.
  • Transform complex data into clear, engaging visual stories.
  • Integrate AI-driven insights to enhance user experience and drive innovative design solutions.
Beta Technologies

Founding team member, designer, creative officer

February 2016 - August 2018
Vermont, United States

  • Formed the foundation at Beta, working with the CEO as part of the initial two-member team.
  • Established brand identity through logo, website, and key collateral while leading creative direction.
  • Provided operational leadership, onboarding, managed end-to-end procurement processes and collaborated with manufacturers on product components.
  • Drove innovative design, creating eVTOL aircraft simulations and leveraging data for down selection and design improvements.

Brand Strategy & Design Consultant

Jan 2002 - Feb 2016
Vermont, United States

  • Worked on brand identities and strategies for prominent brands, including Breville and their initial NA expansion.
  • Created websites, logos, brochures, audio elements, and pitch decks.
  • Facilitated corporate war games, enhancing dialogue and alignment among cross-functional teams.


Jan 2002 - Oct 2008
Burlington, Vermont, United States

  • Led a venture focused on the intersection of design, music, and technology.
  • Developed an audio feedback system for movement rehabilitation.
  • Designed print and web materials for healthcare, intelligence, and consumer goods.
Mayatek, Inc.

Creative Specialist

Mar 2000 - Jan 2004
Burlington, Vermont, United States

  • Maintained the digital presence and designed promotional materials.
  • Created product manuals and design elements for muscle stimulation devices.
IBM Global Services

Technical Services Specialist

Dec 1999 - Mar 2000
Essex Junction, Vermont, United States

  • On IBM Global Services team tasked with upgrading >2,000 computers during a critical (memorable :)) Y2K period.
  • Conducted assessments of hardware, software, and infrastructure to address Y2K vulnerabilities.


Google Marketing & E-commerce Professional


HubSpot Inbound Marketing

HubSpot Academy


University of Vermont

Bachelor of Arts

Major: Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies


Selectively deployable heated propulsor system

Patent number(s): 11685533, 20210380261, 11124304, 20200031478

Abstract: A selectively deployable heated propulsor system which may be integrated into vehicles, airplanes, or any other machinery configured for flight. The system includes a structural feature that includes a mounted propulsor including a rotor and a motor mechanically coupled to the rotor allowing the rotor to rotate when in an activated mode. The mounted propulsor includes a chamber configured to support a first configuration where the propulsor and the rotor are stowed and heated in an enclosed environment, and a second configuration where the rotor is deployed.

Filed: August 17, 2021
Date of Patent: June 27, 2023
Assignee: BETA AIR, LLC
Inventors: Kyle B. Clark, Martine Rothblatt, Riley Griffin, Augustus Brightman, Steven Arms, Herman Wiegman


Adobe Creative Suite
Final Cut Pro
Logic Pro

Microsoft Project
Ableton Live
Office 360

Design Experience

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Web Design (HTML/CSS)
Typography & Lettering

Book Design
Editorial & Print
Experiental Design
Film & Motion Graphics

Product Design
Packaging Design
Audio/Sound Design

Business Experience

Marketing and Advertising
Competitive Intelligence
Project Management
Creative Operations

Risk Management
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
HR Management

When I'm not designing,

I'm making art & music.

visiography line art drawing of Salvador Dali