Northam Psychotechnologies

Web Development, Strategy



Northam Psychotechnologies was a Canadian technology company focused on adaptation and marketing of SSRM Tek (Subconscious Semantic Response Measurement) for the North American market. Developed over a 20-year period in Russia, SSRM Tek was the world's first technology to enable probing of the subconscious mind in a user-friendly environment. SSRM Tek objectively measures various aspects of the human psyche, including identifying mental disorders, uncovering criminal intent, and detecting potential terrorist affiliations. Northam's expertise in brain science and psychometrics allowed them to create a powerful tool that has been adopted by various sectors, including intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement, military, and medical personnel.


I had the opportunity to work on the project for Northam Psychotechnologies. Our team spearheaded the design and development of a website, brand identity, and marketing strategy targeted at government intelligence agencies in the US and Canada. Additionally, we crafted pitch decks that effectively showcased SSRM Tek's revolutionary capabilities to potential clients. It was a unique experience contributing to the advancement of technology in the realm of psychological testing and security.