Nine Games

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"adaptable gaming"

Logo by Augustus Rivers Brightman for nine games


Nine Games is an AI-driven gaming company harnessing the power of AI to create dynamic, personalized gaming adventures.

Key offerings of Nine Games include:

Dynamic Game Environments: Use AI to create dynamic game environments that adapt based on player behavior. This includes altering the storyline, difficulty level, or environment in real-time to match each player's unique play style and skill level.

Intelligent NPCs: Developing non-playable characters (NPCs) with advanced AI that can learn and react to player behavior in a nuanced way. This means that NPCs can remember past interactions with players, develop rivalries or friendships, and adapt their strategies based on the player's actions.

Procedural Content Generation: Use AI to create infinite and unique gaming experiences. AI can generate new levels, quests, or items based on specific rules or parameters, ensuring that every playthrough is different.