New Museum

Concept, Brand Identity, Brand Refresh

"Discover the Undiscovered"



A concept proposal for The New Museum - a fresh brand identity that would embody its spirit of innovation and fearlessness. The concept= is distinctive and strikes a balance between simplicity and creativity, reflecting the diverse array of abstract pieces showcased at the museum. It will serve as a functional symbol to replace the current motion graphic logo(s) that lose value across all mediums.


Create a strong, bold, and distinctive brand identity encapsulating the New Museum's essence. This required a design that was both simple and uncomplicated, yet deeply reflective of the museum's mission to inspire and engage through contemporary art.



Drawing inspiration from modernism, Memphis design, deconstructed pop, and neoplasticism geometry (and those steep angles and strengths of the old NBC logo), I began by using non-representational shapes and patterns. Through an iterative process, the elements were distilled into a minimalist form.

The final logo symbol is a dark gray letter "N" with two single magenta accents - one at the top of the "N" and one half-circle symbol on the top of the descending part of the second vertical line in the "N". The choice of dark gray and magenta color palette represents the boldness and energy of the museum, while the stylized "N" pays homage to the institution's name. The accent circle represents the global scope of its curatorial program.

The magenta accents, inspired by neo-op art, add an element of intrigue and dynamism to the design, hinting at the myriad of abstract art pieces on display at the museum. The overall composition of the logo symbol is a testament to the institution's commitment to fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


To complement the logo symbol, the current use, modern and elegant Neographik MT Std typeface for the accompanying text was retained. This holds the most brand equity for the museum. This sans-serif font exudes modernity and clarity, harmonizing with the abstract, sans-serif style of the "N" symbol.

The name "New Museum" is positioned below the logo symbol, with "NEW" stacked on top of "MUSEUM" and left-aligned under the left edge of the symbol above it. This arrangement reinforces the visual cohesion of the design, ensuring that the museum's name is clearly legible while maintaining a strong connection with the symbol.

The dark gray and magenta color palette remains consistent throughout the visual identity, echoing the boldness and energy conveyed by the logo symbol and establishing a harmonious and memorable brand presence.


Final Thoughts

The New Museum is a catalyst for pioneering artistry with transcendent ideas, uniting diverse voices as a vibrant haven for contemporary visionaries and global innovation. This inspired ideas like - "Embracing the bold," "igniting creativity," and championing the contemporary: New Museum – a beacon for artistic exploration and global innovation. Ultimately, it needed to be simple and memorable.

"Discover the Undiscovered"

New Museum serves as a nexus for groundbreaking art and unparalleled ideation. "Discover the Undiscovered" reflects the museum's dedication to showcasing contemporary art that challenges the viewer to embark on a journey of discovery and introspection. The phrase holds the transformative power of art and the limitless possibilities it offers.

The new brand identity celebrates artistic innovation, fearlessness, and the enduring impact of contemporary art, reflecting the New Museum's commitment to fostering creativity and inspiring audiences from around the world.