Ivan Sagel

Brand Identity, Print Design

"daringly distinct"



Ivan Sagel is a high-end jewelry designer, known for his innovative and avant-garde designs. He wanted a powerful and unique brand identity that would effectively capture the essence of his label.

Logo Design by Augustus Rivers Brightman


The jewelry industry is highly competitive, and creating a brand identity that stands out is no small feat. Ivan wanted a logo and visual identity that would effectively convey the sophistication, elegance, and innovation inherent in his designs, while also ensuring that the brand was easily identifiable and memorable.

Design Process

It began with conducting in-depth research on the design style, his target audience, and competitors in the high-end fine art jewelry space. Several collaborative sessions were held to better understand his vision for the brand.


Logo Design

Based on the research and understanding of Ivan's design philosophy, several concepts were designed. Among them, a narrow and tall sleek "I" and "S" concept emerged as the most fitting option for the brand.

The chosen logo concept featured an elongated, sans-serif typeface with the letters "I" and "S" stretched vertically to create an elegant, sophisticated, and modern look. The black color was chosen to embody the timelessness and luxury associated with high-end jewelry.

Brand Guidelines

A brand guideline document was created that detailed the proper use of the logo, typography, color palette, and other visual elements, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials and touchpoints.

Package Design

The Ivan Sagel box was simple, it should create a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary aesthetics, making it not just a container, but a reflection of Ivan's design philosophy. 

The box carries a rich, deep black color that effortlessly adds an air of sophistication. The finish adds to the box's luxurious appeal while providing a pleasant tactile experience.

The centerpiece of this design is the brand identifier, a stylized "IS" emblem, subtly embossed onto the box's lid. Rendered in a vibrant gold, the initials effortlessly stand out against the contrasting black background. The embossing technique lends a three-dimensional aspect to the logo, providing a sensory touchpoint for the customer and reinforcing the brand's attention to detail.