Form Energy

Conceptual Brand Refresh, Brand Guidelines, Mockups

"Humanity, Excellence, Creativity"


"Energy Storage for a Better World"

Form Energy is a leading energy storage system company that is revolutionizing the way we store and use energy. Their groundbreaking Iron-Air battery storage technology is a game-changer for our planet, helping us move to net zero by 2050. 



Form-Energy-refresh-r01-before Form-Energy-refresh-r01-01


The objective of the logo refresh was to create a visual identity that would accurately represent Form Energy's innovative technology and its commitment to sustainable energy. The new logo needed to be  simple, practical, memorable, and timeless. It should function across all mediums, using either the lockup or the mark.


The Solution

The new logo design for Form Energy maintains the feeling of the existing brand (to retain existing brand equity). The rectangle was replaced with a bolder square shape, inspired by the periodic table. It reflects the company's scientific roots and its innovative Iron-Air battery storage technology. The square houses the chemical symbol for Iron, "Fe", inside.

This design communicates the company's scientific foundation and its core technology. The open side of the box represents Form Energy's openness to innovation and the concept of energy coming in and being stored.


Color Palette

The color palette is designed to reflect the energy, optimism, and creativity that Form Energy brings to the world of sustainable energy solutions. Whether they are communicating with customers, partners, or each other, this palette helps convey the brand's story in a visually compelling way.

The primary color, Tatooine Yellow HEX #FEB500, represents the brand's bold and distinctive spirit, while complementary Iron Gray HEX #363636, adds depth and contrasting visual interest.

Why Tatooine Yellow?
The primary brand color was given the name Tatooine Yellow (#FEB500). This vibrant hue is a nod to the iconic desert planet of Tatooine from Star Wars.

Tatooine Yellow is the heart of the brand identity and should be used to highlight or add emphasis. It's a color that naturally stands out and grabs attention, embodying Form Energy's innovative and optimistic approach to energy storage.

Energy and Optimism: Yellow is often associated with energy, brightness, and optimism. It's a color that naturally stands out and grabs attention, which symbolizes Form Energy's innovative and forward-thinking approach to energy storage.
Warmth and Positivity: Yellow is also a warm color that is often associated with positivity and happiness. This reflects Form Energy's humanity values, and mission to create positive change in the world.
Stimulation and Creativity: Yellow is known to stimulate mental activity and foster creativity. This represents the intellectual rigor and creative problem-solving that Form Energy applies to their work in energy storage.
Visibility and Recognition: From a practical standpoint, yellow is a highly visible color that can help a logo stand out, especially when placed against darker or neutral backgrounds. This can aid in brand recognition and recall.

Why Iron Gray? 
It's an Iron-Air battery!



The choice of typefaces is a crucial part of a brand identity. They help communicate a message clearly and effectively, while also contributing to the overall aesthetic of the Form brand. 

Primary Typeface: Gotham HTF Bold
The primary typeface is Gotham HTF Bold. This typeface is also used for all headlines. With its clean, geometric form, Gotham HTF Bold gives our brand a modern and impactful presence. It is a versatile typeface that works well in both print and digital mediums.

Secondary Typeface: Form
The custom corporate typeface 'Form', designed for use in detailed content like titles, body text and web content, draws its inspiration from Akzidenz Grotesk. As a sans-serif typeface, 'Form' is characterized by its excellent legibility and readability at smaller text sizes, ensuring clarity and easy comprehension of messages. Its neutral yet friendly demeanor aligns seamlessly with the brand's professional and approachable image.


A Custom Corporate Typeface

The Form typeface includes, Light, Regular, Semibold, and Bold.


Brand Guidelines Intro

Singularly focused on a decarbonized time not so far away, Form Energy is on a mission to enable a 100% renewable energy grid. As we embark on this epic saga these brand guidelines serve as a holocron, a source of knowledge and wisdom, designed to ensure "the Force" of our brand remains strong and consistent across all communications and touchpoints. This serves as our star chart, directing the effective application of our logo, colors, typography, imagery, and voice, akin to the stars that guide interstellar travelers.

Whether you are a member of the Form Energy team, a partner navigating the renewable energy cosmos, or a supplier from a distant star system, we ask that you follow these guidelines as if they were the wisdom of the wise Obi-Wan Kenobi himself.

By doing so, you'll help maintain the integrity of the brand, supporting our mission to light up the galaxy with renewable energy, and ensuring the Force of Form Energy remains strong for generations to come. Remember, as Master Yoda said, "Do or do not. There is no try."



formenergy-web-brand-before formenergy-web-brand-refresh-1