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"Be the Board"


"Be the Board: A Burton Snowboards Campaign"

In the quiet of winter, on a snow-capped peak, a snowboarder finds serenity. Seated in zazen, they merge with their Burton board, the snow, and the mountain. 'Be the Board' is not just a campaign, but a philosophy. It invites snowboarders to unite with their board, the snow, and the mountain, finding peace in the exhilaration of the ride. With Burton, you don't just ride; you become the snow, the board, the thrill, the peace - the ultimate snowboarder.


The 'Be the Board' campaign, a conceptual project aimed at passionate snowboarders, reinforces Burton's brand identity as more than a snowboard manufacturer - it embodies the spirit of the sport. The campaign transcends the physical act of snowboarding, exploring the emotional and spiritual bond riders share with their sport. It communicates a sense of unity, suggesting that with Burton, riders aren't just on the mountain, or on a board - they become one with both.

SketchStorm (thoughts from the notebook)

Be Here Now. Ram Dass on a snowboard... Baba. You are one with the board. They are the board. They are the ride. They are the snow. They are the thrill. They are the peace. They are Burton... All one. Sub Ek. "Be the Board" with Burton. Embrace the ride. Embrace the snow. Embrace the mountain. Embrace the winter. Embrace the thrill. Embrace the peace.
Be the Board. Be Burton.