Bayside Partners

Brand Identity, Web Development

"Anchored in Excellence, Driven by Results"



Bayside Partners, a privately held company based in SE Florida, recognized the need for a distinctive visual identity that would set them apart in a competitive market. They sought a design that would not only reflect their expertise in strategic real estate investments but also resonate with their diverse clientele. The objective was to create a logo that would serve as a visual metaphor for Bayside Partners' mission - navigating the complex waters of the real estate market and guiding their clients towards profitable shores. The logo needed to be distinctive, memorable, and versatile, capable of being effectively utilized across various platforms, including their website and other marketing materials.



The brief eventually led to creating a sail logomark, a symbol of navigation and exploration. This design choice was inspired by the company's name, "Bayside," and their mission of guiding clients through the real estate market. The sail, with its clean lines and simple form, embodies the company's commitment to providing clear, straightforward guidance to their clients. This was combined with the logotype to form the lockup.


Web Development

In addition to the creation of the lockup logo, I also had the opportunity to design the website for Bayside Partners. This was designed to reflect the brand's identity and values, providing a user-friendly interface for clients to explore their services and understand their unique approach to real estate asset management. The website should always serve as a digital extension of the brand, further solidifying Bayside Partners' presence in the real estate market.