Brand Identity, Copy, Print

"Breathe Easy, Live Fully"



The design of the AllerNovara brand encompassed all stages; from initial conceptualization to final print. Objectives included brand identity, copywriting, using sketch up art direction and the power of AI for photographer guidance.


Logo Design

The AllerNovara logo is a minimalist design featuring an abstract 'A'. The crossbar is replaced with a diamond, mirroring the angles of the 'N' in 'Novara'. 


Original Draft Concept

Upper 3/4 of the page: A visually stunning  image takes up the majority of the ad. This image depicts a woman in her 30s in the middle of a lush, blooming field, the sky a clear and vibrant blue. She's laughing joyously with arms by her side, clearly unaffected by the pollen-heavy environment around her.

Lower 1/4 of the page:
Against a clean, white background, you'll find the following copy along with the product logo and an image of the AllerNovara logo.

Headline: Ask your doctor how you can "Breathe Easy, Live Fully"
Subhead: "AllerFree – your key to a life unburdened by allergies."

"No more sneezes. No more watery eyes. With AllerNovara, rediscover the joy of nature. Our breakthrough formula effectively combats multiple allergens, giving you the freedom to breathe easy and live fully."

There should be a call-to-action encouraging viewers to visit the website for more information:
"Learn more at"

Bottom Copy:
In compliance with pharmaceutical advertising guidelines, provide a brief note on potential side effects and encourage viewers to consult their healthcare provider before starting any new medication