Awe is found when perception transcends logic, giving rise to new ways of seeing and understanding. Take, for instance, the visual representation of two parallel lines. At first glance, it's an equals sign, but look with a beginner's mind, and you'll discover a third line formed by the negative space surrounding them. '1+1=3' reminds us that design can reveal hidden truths and challenge assumptions. After all, God is in the details. To stir creativity, it's important to remain in awe of the subtleties, to find meaning and beauty in the seemingly mundane. It's about recognizing the potential in every shape, every space, every line, and transforming them into something that represents more than the sum. Whether it's exploring the nuances of branding, delving into the intricacies of print design, painting, playing piano, or writing a competitive intelligence strategy, my life is driven by a relentless curiosity and a profound appreciation for what lies beyond.

The obvious is often taken for granted. Reminder: look with intention, eyes unclouded.

In life, sometimes 1+1 does equal 3, and that's where the magic lies.