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"cutting-edge cellular regeneration"



EverKlon is a German biotechnology company in the development and production of advanced cellular regeneration solutions. Their primary focus is on providing innovative and sustainable therapeutic treatments for various medical conditions, including tissue damage, organ failure, and degenerative diseases.

EverKlon corporate identity branding package


The main objective was to create a logo that accurately represents EverKlon's mission and values, while conveying a sense of innovation, confidence, trust, and expertise. The logo needed to be easily recognizable, versatile, and adaptable for various applications, including print, digital, and promotional materials.

everklon typography sheet for branding


To create a symbol that has a sense of groundedness, as well as forward movement, conveying the connection between existing biotechnological innovation and the advancement of cloning techniques and cellular regeneration. 

Paul Bratter - CEO - EverKlon
EverKlon Corporate office logo


EverKlon is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in its research and development processes, ensuring that all cloning and regenerative therapies adhere to strict legal and regulatory guidelines. The company collaborates closely with global medical organizations, research institutions, and regulatory agencies to advance the field of regenerative medicine and share their groundbreaking discoveries with the world.